10 Popular European Countries to Study Abroad Without IELTS

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Are you looking for popular European country destinations where you can study abroad without IELTS, then this article is for you.

Moreover, the European countries reflect the significance of education over the years. It has been an attractive place for visitors as well as for the students. Universities in Europe are kind of an attraction for students to study abroad without IELTS.

However, several facilities have been provided and a secure environment. Such universities maintain the student’s mind and create a great impact of surrounding in positivity. And the best news is that you can study In Europe easily without passing the IELTS test that is not required to be scored.

Also, you can pursue your career by study abroad without IELTS. Following are some of the universities and the countries where you can study without passing the IELTS. The degree of doctor, masters, etc. you can pursue your degree in Europe without IELTS

How to study abroad without IELTS

Before going on the number of list of countries where you can study, firstly check which country consider to take admission without it and further overall procedure, the fees structure, environment, etc. before applying its necessary to have the overall information of the place and studies you are going to take.

  • Shortlist the countries by full research on the internet where you want admission in Europe.
  • Choose the best university from your shortlisted choice that is better and best for your career.
  • After selecting a university you will have a personal interview regarding your studies
  • If you passed the video call interview, you will receive the acceptance letter from the concerned university you had applied to.
  • After accepting one, you have to pay the tuition fee with all the taxes and requirements for the first-year program in any of your chosen fields.
  • Apply for a student visa and you will get one and afterward get to your destination

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List of countries in Europe that allow students to study without IELTS

The following are the number of countries that take admissions for the students without the IELTS and you can get the admission easily from them such as:

Study in France without IELTS:

The universities of France are much comfortable and required no such demands for admissions. You can easily get admission to one of them. They take no specific English test for TOEFL or the IELTS.

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But you must have done your recent education In the English test and you will get tested through the man on a video call. Interview. For example, if you have done bachelors in your language English from your country then you can take a master degree from these top colleges in France

  • American Business School
  • EPITA Graduate School of Computer Science
  • ESC Rennes School of Business, France
  • ESLSCA Business School
  • INSEEC Business School
  • NEOMA Business School
  • SKEMA Business School

But further for the complete information about the university check on their website of France. If you are looking to

Study in Germany without IELTS:

Germany consists of the most comfortable and affordable universities that are known over all the world. They consist of language programs by which students can easily get admission to the university and study abroad without IELTS.

The requirement to get admission in Germany is just the language instruction letter. This language letter will be the proof from your recent school saying about the last education was conducted and taught on overall English language and the medium was the English throughput.

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List of universities in Germany without IELTS

  • Esslingen University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Esslingen)
  • HCI Siegen
  • Freiburg University
  • University of Bonn
  • University of Kassel

Study in Italy without IELTS:

Italy consists of the oldest universities. Milan is the best university for students. It has been ranked as 1st top university of the overall universities of Italy. Further, it contains the English language and the course taught to be in this language. By proving your recent medium in English you can get admission without the IELTS.

Universities of Italy list without IELTS

Study in Belgium without IELTS:

Belgium is considered to be the center of international networking. The Ghent University of Belgium was founded in the 1870s and ranked 125th overall in the world. You can get admission to the Ghent University possibly.

The university is specified for some course that is life science, veterinary course. For proving your language you must have at least a year of recent education in the English language as a medium.

University in Belgium

Study in Sweden without IELTS:

Sweden consists of the top-ranked universities in the country. It is the best opportunity to pursue your career and dreams. The IELTS depends upon the studies you contain in the last year. If your previous degree is in English then you can easily apply for it.

For the Indian citizens, you can pursue your degree from here by submitting some documents i.e. mark sheets diplomas, etc.

Top Universities in Sweden

  • Lund University
  • Uppsala University

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Study in Poland without IELTS:

Poland is not a well choice for study but you can shift thereafter complete your studies. The oldest university of Poland the Jagiellonian University was established in 1364. If you have a medium of English language then you can be eligible in it.

Poland university list:

  • Jagiellonian University
  • Adam Mickiewicz University
  • Warsaw University of Technology

Study in Spain without IELTS:

Spain is famous for its education as it provides an opportunity to the international students with the national environment, academic point of view. To study here you have to fulfill such requirements:

  • Have proof of Spanish language
  • Must obtain a diploma in the Spanish school
  • Must take a course in Spanish

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Universities list in Spain

  • Universidad Antonio de Nebrija
  • University of Valencia
  • The University of Salamanca.

Study in Norway:

Norway provides a remarkable and best education with a combination of teaching and learning methods. To be eligible in such a university you must have a year of course in the English speaking nation such as Australia, UK, etc. you must have completed the education in the English speaking nation.

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Norway universities:

  • University of Oslo
  • Norwegian University of Science And Technology

Study in Latvia:

It provides the classic education in Europe. It is the best choice for foreigners to receive such an education. You can be eligible if you had a native speaker of English, and completed the basic, higher, secondary in all the English language as the official one

Latvia university list:

  • Riga Technical University
  • University of Liepaja
  • Daugavpils University
  • University of Latvia

Study in Denmark:

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Denmark is the center of top-rated universities without obtaining the IELTS score. You should have proof of English language medium at the secondary level. Many students are being accepted that are coming from the English speaking country such as Canada, Australia, the USA

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